Ramadhan Al Mubarak: Sudah Merdekakah Kita Sepenuhnya?

Salam kepada semua rakan-rakan yang menjadi pengikut setia blog ku..Alhamdullillah syukur, hari ini kite menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan negara tercinta kita yang ke -52..Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan..Seumur hidup saya, x pernah lagi menyambut merdeka dalam bulan Ramadhan al Mubarak yang maha mulia ini..Post saya ini agak berlainan dari post -post sebelum ini yang berteraskan gadget dan duniawi semata-mata..Marilah kite seimbang dunia dan akhirat..Kali ini, saya ingin menyeru diri saya dan kawan-kawan agar kembali ke pangkal jalan Allah..Negara kita sudah merdeka 52 tahun, tetapi adakah kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia sudah merdeka sepenuhnya??Same2 lah kite muhasabah diri kita..Bulan Ramadhan hanye sekali dalam setahun..Oleh itu, ambillah kesempatan untuk beribadat, berdoa, bertafakur, berzikir sebanyak2nya dengan niat yang ikhlas demi mengharap keampunan dari Allah swt..Kite nih sekarang selalu lalai, bukan bulan puasa lagi la lalai, subuh dalam seminggu selalu je rompong2 x pernah full..Oleh itu, marilah kawan-kawan sempena bulan Ramadhan nih, kite perbetulkan diri kite, kite beribadat dan memohon keampunan Allah yang Maha Esa dan meminta kite dilembutkan dan dibersihkan hati yang selalu berada dalam noda dosa dan kekotoran..Ramadhan sudah 10 hari berlalu, cuba tanye diri kita, ape yang telah kita lakukan sepanjang bulan Ramadhan ini?Yang sudah lepas, biar la lepas, ape yang penting, kita masih ade 20 hari lagi untuk menempuh Ramadhan..Marilah kite sume bertaubat, beribadat secukupnya memohon keampunan Allah di atas sume dosa yang kite lakukan..Masih belum terlambat dan elok sangatlah sempena hari kemerdekaan ini kite berubah secare menyeluruh..Solat jangan tinggal dan seumpamanya.. :) 10 hari pertama Ramadhan: hari- hari mendapat rahmat daripada Allah, 10 hari kedua Ramadhan: hari -hari pengampunan dosa oleh Allah dan yang terakhir; 10 hari terakhir Ramadhan: hari - hari pembebasan api neraka dan siksa kubur..Marilah kia sama2 mengejar fadilat dan keistimewaan 20 hari terakhir Ramadhan ini iaitu pengampunan dosa oleh Allah dan pembebasan dari azab seksa api neraka dan kubur..Insyallah, jika niat kita semua ikhlas dan mengharapkan pengampunan oleh Allah, nescaya akan dimakbulkan semua permintaan kita insyallah.. :) Selamat berpuasa dan menyambut Ramadhan al Mubarak kepada semua umat Islam di dunia ini.. :)

N97: Online Designed By You

After using my trustworthy SE C902 James Bond phone for about a year, I'm looking for a new hp that can do all in one..Have great features, a great camera and so on..For the past few weeks, I've been bombarded by a lot of choices ranging from iPhone 3GS, HTC Diamond, Samsung Jet and Samsung Omnia HD II..Apart from all of these phones, I finally choose the Nokia N97: Online Designed By You..Quite an interesting motto for this model from Nokia..This phone is a flagship phone from Nokia to date..Have the most advanced features that is the first being designed and created by Nokia for this very first flagship handphone for Nokia..Touch screen, compass, GPS, live home screen widgets and so on..However, the camera is only 5MP which a quite a down for me as I'm expecting a 8MP camera sensor like on the SE C905 and Nokia N86..But to my surprise, the camera on this N97 is the best 5MP camera phone I've used in my life compared to my old SE K850i and SE C902.. :) I've used this phone exactly a month right now and all of you might be wondering how does this phone performs and does it live it expectations as being claimed by Nokia "the ultimate Facebook mobile device" ??Wait for my other post and I will reveal all about the performance and features about the N97..


What does it mean by these 3 words?I've choose these 3 word as a motto for my blog: khairazer.blogspot.com Dark here means i love black and glossy color and thats the main reason why i choose a black theme for my blog..Deadly here means "mengancam"..Hehe :p Whoever view my blog I want they find it attractive and have a "wow" factor..Diabolic here means energetic which personalizes me..I'm always energetic during the whole day..However, my stamina nowadays is weak as I perform badly while playing futsal nowadays..Cepat pancit, wuwu.. :( I've yet to find a solution regarding this matter and issue..This blog is finally completed 100% and gracias melongray; my lovely roomate who helps me in designing and creating this blogspot.. :) I wish I can have the talent like melongray..From now on, I intend to make this blog as a discussion and review bout gadgets, games and computer peripherals..Any enquiries, do not hesitate to ask me and join the discussion with fragger hunter which is me! :P Game On people! ^^

Razer Mamba Review Performance

After about a week using the latest mouse for Razer aka Razer Mamba, I've been very happy for the product.. :) Great for headshots and for DotA guys out there, DO get this mouse to PAWN some noobs! Its nothing great on gaming other than having a great mouse that is ultra smooth and have a very good grip to do some fragging, of course! The price of the mouse might set all of you back but hey; always remember this; "good things are not cheap, and cheap things are not good" The best part of this mouse is it's wireless so you can free your messy cables out of sight when fragging someone..You are free to frag..Furthermore, with 1ms of polling speed, you will not experience any lag when going wireless as its a gaming grade Razer Synapse wireless technology..If you really a gamer that crave the best from hardware, do get this mouse..You will TOTALLY satisfied, I can assure you guys..Razer: For Gamers By Gamers..Cool Motto.. :)

Drooling on Sony VAIO W Series

Guys, check it out the latest netbook from Sony Vaio..Cool, and everyone who sees it must have their mouth watering for it..I'm eyeing and looking for a top notch netbook and i think my wait is finally over..If my dream comes true and bought this netbook, it will complete my dream gadget quest for this year..The price??I hear it will be very affordable for students..Still wondering how much..But i guess for a netbook, it should be less than RM2k..Buy it or not?Have to check my financial status first..If it permits, I shall look no further other than this netbook!Oh, dunia2..Mengapa la sume mende in dis world are soo tempting..huhu..

Transition to Windows 7

After almost 2 years using this crappy OS of Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit which at first claimed to be the next gen of OS, I eventually fed up and migrated to the most anticipating OS of the year which is Windows 7..Cool interface, no lags here, even faster than XP from what I observed too..The best part is, I got an original Beta version Windows 7 DVD when i bought my favourite tech magazine; HardwareMag June edition..Although its only a 32 bit version which didn't utilize all my desktop's RAM, but who cares..I just want to escape from a lousy Vista OS! Now, i'm the happy user of Windows 7 with key expires till May 2010..Guys i really RECOMMEND this OS to all of you..Its worth trying! :)

Featuring The New Khairazer

Hye guys, its me back..Now even better..Credit to melongray for designing this wonderful blog for me..I really like it very much..Now I'm back online.. :) I try to update this blog from time to time..Stay tune for the next update coming soon.. :)