What does it mean by these 3 words?I've choose these 3 word as a motto for my blog: khairazer.blogspot.com Dark here means i love black and glossy color and thats the main reason why i choose a black theme for my blog..Deadly here means "mengancam"..Hehe :p Whoever view my blog I want they find it attractive and have a "wow" factor..Diabolic here means energetic which personalizes me..I'm always energetic during the whole day..However, my stamina nowadays is weak as I perform badly while playing futsal nowadays..Cepat pancit, wuwu.. :( I've yet to find a solution regarding this matter and issue..This blog is finally completed 100% and gracias melongray; my lovely roomate who helps me in designing and creating this blogspot.. :) I wish I can have the talent like melongray..From now on, I intend to make this blog as a discussion and review bout gadgets, games and computer peripherals..Any enquiries, do not hesitate to ask me and join the discussion with fragger hunter which is me! :P Game On people! ^^


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2 word from me..
F**K You..
lawak2 je khai..


diabolic sounds kinda eeeeeviiiiil :p


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