N97: Online Designed By You

After using my trustworthy SE C902 James Bond phone for about a year, I'm looking for a new hp that can do all in one..Have great features, a great camera and so on..For the past few weeks, I've been bombarded by a lot of choices ranging from iPhone 3GS, HTC Diamond, Samsung Jet and Samsung Omnia HD II..Apart from all of these phones, I finally choose the Nokia N97: Online Designed By You..Quite an interesting motto for this model from Nokia..This phone is a flagship phone from Nokia to date..Have the most advanced features that is the first being designed and created by Nokia for this very first flagship handphone for Nokia..Touch screen, compass, GPS, live home screen widgets and so on..However, the camera is only 5MP which a quite a down for me as I'm expecting a 8MP camera sensor like on the SE C905 and Nokia N86..But to my surprise, the camera on this N97 is the best 5MP camera phone I've used in my life compared to my old SE K850i and SE C902.. :) I've used this phone exactly a month right now and all of you might be wondering how does this phone performs and does it live it expectations as being claimed by Nokia "the ultimate Facebook mobile device" ??Wait for my other post and I will reveal all about the performance and features about the N97..


sme org nk bloggin', berat la wei!
kamon la, xoxo sket!
flame sket blog ang bro....


layan la....

walaupun aku xmen game, tp lyn je la!


asyik cite razor je....
cite la len pulak!!!


ang bt blog ka khai???

korg ni support la member
aku support dari belakang ang khai.

bahang belakang....

check it out yo!


pandai ang skang nk men blog...
mayB ang dh fobia kne flame kn?

aku, zul n deli (geng cine bukit ho liao) akn flame kn blog ang ni... hahhhaha!


ajat ang men sorg la....


weh asal header hilang. ape ko da wat? pasni jgt gelut2 lak.


haha..Nice camni la!!Support blog aku! :) aku akan letak aktiviti kite bersame..blog ini khas untuk mesti2 best, bukan gossip panas kay??


ada henset hg lama2 bg aku noh..
siyan kt aku..

dengan ingatan tulus ikhlas aidilfitri,
bijan selamat


blog ni mcm fit ja design..
aku nak more lg untuk blog ni..
nak brg baek gak khai..
hg tokan kot!


khai tokan brg pe nyer,
tgk la spe stokis die
kaman khai!!


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