Razer Mamba Review Performance

After about a week using the latest mouse for Razer aka Razer Mamba, I've been very happy for the product.. :) Great for headshots and for DotA guys out there, DO get this mouse to PAWN some noobs! Its nothing great on gaming other than having a great mouse that is ultra smooth and have a very good grip to do some fragging, of course! The price of the mouse might set all of you back but hey; always remember this; "good things are not cheap, and cheap things are not good" The best part of this mouse is it's wireless so you can free your messy cables out of sight when fragging someone..You are free to frag..Furthermore, with 1ms of polling speed, you will not experience any lag when going wireless as its a gaming grade Razer Synapse wireless technology..If you really a gamer that crave the best from hardware, do get this mouse..You will TOTALLY satisfied, I can assure you guys..Razer: For Gamers By Gamers..Cool Motto.. :)


Brp ringgit ni? wireless , pergh best2


xnak la bgtauw..nanti org cakap aku berlagak ah..x best..ko convert je USD129.99..itu la harge die..huuwuww..bankrupt aku.. :(


"good things are not cheap, and cheap things are not good"..

not necessarily true..
just take a look @ iP#r#nt#s..
the services are not cheap and the quality is not good at all..
dun evr underestimate cheap stuff..
the key is knowing wht u need instead of listen to this so called khairazer promoting the things tht u dun need..

p/s: mara ke khai? eheheh grau je lme xgrau ngn ang.


hahaha, cipet punye wan..xdehal, aku x emo cam one slot! :)


org kaya ja mampu beli..
org mcm aku ni guna mouse rm15 ja..
tu pon byk kali pawn noobies like wan..
good blog,don blow job!


Wan sembang mesti nak unsur2 politic !!jom la dota. aku pawn sekor2. sekali ngan hg ehsan.


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