Drooling on Sony VAIO W Series

Guys, check it out the latest netbook from Sony Vaio..Cool, and everyone who sees it must have their mouth watering for it..I'm eyeing and looking for a top notch netbook and i think my wait is finally over..If my dream comes true and bought this netbook, it will complete my dream gadget quest for this year..The price??I hear it will be very affordable for students..Still wondering how much..But i guess for a netbook, it should be less than RM2k..Buy it or not?Have to check my financial status first..If it permits, I shall look no further other than this netbook!Oh, dunia2..Mengapa la sume mende in dis world are soo tempting..huhu..


Tu ah, org cam ko sesuai pakai macbook..ko kan designer..Kumpul la duit fit beli macbook..gaji ko besar kot..after intern, ko mesti mampu beli mac..saving2 la untuk mase depan yang cerah..ahaha :P


Jelez nye ak tgk Laptop Sony n...
Sape Yg Ade Laptop n, JAge2 la.. HAha..
Chai, ko x bleh ade laptop n..aargh..x baek bg kwn2 ko tension..haha..


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