Nissan Grand Livina Review

Look here in dis pic!I'm very happy rite?? :D Dats because I owned a Grand Livina..Its really funny for a teenager like me to drive a family car..But what to say, my dad bought this car for me to use this for my final year, so I have no choice rather than to just accept it..At first, I refuse to drive this car to UTP as I'm afraid I'll will be make fun of my friends over here, but hey who cares??Right now, this car really puts a very BIG smile on my face!The reason why are

1) This car is very comfortable huge and spaciouss!So a road trip to anywhere is POSSIBLE!Not to mention that i can sumbat my HUGE desktop and my computer stuffs with ease without any problems!
2) Leather seat, good interior, convenient features in the car
3) FUEL ECONOMY!Which is very UNBELIEVABLE at first!Can u imagine, a full tank of RON 97 will only cost you RM70..Which means, if you fill my car with full tank of RON 95, it will only cost you RM58..To demonstrate how incredible the car's fuel efficency, I drove from UTP to my hometown in Seremban 2 for only less than a half petrol being consumed..The average speed I drive in highway is 160km/h..So you can return back to UTP with your petrol still have some reserve..Its AMAZING isn't it?
4)Thanx to the 1.8 litre CVTC Aluminium Nissan Engine, the engine ensures pleasure and smooth ride..Not to mention its good pick up to overtake car at the road..Its very powerful, on top of that its efficient and the engine is very quiet..You can't simply hear the noise of the rumbling car's engine at all..

Right now, I'm thinking of to add its skirting and body kit to make my car looks more sportier.. :) The Nissan Nismo and Impul body kit already sold out and is off production right now which is very unlucky for me! (T_T) I already bought a GPS for my car, so a ride to almost anywhere in Malaysia is possible!If you want a trip to any place dis final year, tell me the plan!I will surely take your ideas into consideration so we can have fun together!

Here are some comments about testers and loyal passengers of my Grand Livina:


Senyap gile enjin kete ko nih..Overall okay la kete ko..


Steering kete ko best gile x cam Honda..Ternyata EPS(Electronic Power Steering) technology Nissan terbukti and exceeds my overall expectation..Easy to drive, nice handling, nice pick up and responsive engine!


Selesaaaa gilerrr kete ko, jom g Cameron!!

Fitry aka Melongray, Zul, Poie, Ehsan, Betel, Ajat Somepet

Kami semua gembira kerana dapat pegi makan malam beramai2 di samping dapat menunaikan Solat Jumaat pergi dengan hanye satu kereta!

Jimmy Neutron, Dehaq, Enzo, Xiahead, Sopek(Kaki Cantas)

Kami semua gembira x terkata kerana hanye perlu spend RM10 sahaja menaiki kereta khai untuk ke destinasi idaman kami.. :D

For me, this car is fantastic..Don't look at its exterior noob looks, look the raw power inside!If you happen to own this, you will say that this car is worth for its asking price..Thanks a lot for my daddy in providing this car to me..I appreciate it very much and I'll take good care of this car..No more accidents like I did with my last Chevrolet Aveo which is now alreay totally lost!This car is actually my dad's, but as all of my family are at oversea working, my dad lend his car for my usage..You are really a nice daddy! :D

Next year, when I start working on January 2011, I will get my dream car of mine a Peugeot 308 Turbo!Actually this is the car that I should get at the first place on my birthday on 16 November 2009 with a plate registration number of WTF 9839, but suddenly in a last minute, my dad changed his mind to bought a Grand Livina..zzzzz, because of that, I'm sick for a week as I still can't accept that my dream car is being cancelled..Its okay, better have a car than xde kan?Syukur banyak2 kat Allah yang telah mengurniakan banyak rezeki yang x terhingga to me sampai hari ini...Amin.. :)

How Time Really Flies!

How time really flies..Yeah, in case one of you didn't realise, we are reaching the end of February and March is approaching quickly..In this case, it seems dat the mid semester break is already approaching us quick..Gosh! >_< How bout your FYP guys??For me, still get stuck with my preliminary report..Struggling doing research over this weekend about my implementation of Cloud Computing in UTP..Whatever you do guyz, 1 thing for sure, life is short, death is certain!Live your life to the max, keep moving forward, forget the past but take a lesson from it for the betterment of your future..Spend time a lot with your friends as its already your final year and you never know when you can get to hang around often with them when you already start working next January..Talking about the future, hmm I think I want to improve myself regarding fitness issue..Right now, I'm a sayur, struggling with my stamina issues which is not very good for a 22 year old guy like me!Something must be done..Any suggestions what can I do to improve my stamina and build my body muscle?Perhaps Mr Why can advice me on dis..Till next time....p/s: I want to look hot like Ronaldo!

Man Utd FTW!

Okay, its quite some time since I last updated my blog..Its about 3 months since my last post, whoah dats a long time indeed! >_< However, after the internet issues has been solved, I'm back online!As today is the first day of the February month, I would like to share a glory victory happiness of Manchester United over Arsenal today..Great performance from the rest of team especially Rooney, Nani and Park Ji Sung..Keep up the good work and fight for the 4th Premier League this season!United we stand!Yeah, Man Utd FTW!Till next time, adios.. :)