Pros and Cons For Nokia N97

Hye guys, back to my interest of gadgets will be posted here..Remember the previous posts of my N97, that I'll promise you guys to tell whether you should get this phone or not based on their pros and cons. In gadget world, of course there are pros and cons..But it is important for us on how to judge the pros and cons..Basically in the gadget, we measure up by using the price per performance ratio..This is to make sure whether our every single RM spent for this gadget is worth it or not..Okay, after being using this Nokia N97 which is touted as the Nokia Flagship device(which the title will end soon this October as Nokia N900 will take its crown) for almost 2 months, i would like to sum up the whole thing about the device here..With this post, you can make judgement whether to get this phone or not using your internship allowance..Nokia N97 uers do participate and don't hesitate to comment with your own opinions and experiences!

The good stuff:
• The home screen and the home screen widgets for Facebook, e-mail and more..Real time weathers are also being notified on the home screen..Its really cool and its really changed the way i use my phone!
• 32GB of storage expandable to 48GB..It really score a huge point here as most of us want to put movies, videos and thousands of musics in one single gadget..
• The design of the device and i love it when the device is tilted..It also have full qwerty keyboard for chatter lovers it also support full email functions..
• Kinetic scrolling on webpages, fast connection and have many features..
• A very great camera powered by Carl Zeiss optical lense..So far, this is the best camera phone I used compared to my old Sony ericsson C902 Cybershot and the K850i..
• Loud and clear voice call..
• Supports multitasking, N Gage games, fully functional A GPS, great software bundled with this phone..
• Also we can connect directly to Ovi Store which just exactly the same for i Phone users to connect to their Apple Store..
• Great battery life..Make lot of calls, sms, snap pictures, record videos and also using facebook a lot but the battery can stand up to one whole day..Also removable battery is a plus as we can get couple of battery packs for the Nokia n97 without worrying to find an electric socket to power up your phone..
• Micro USB charger which also a great point as you can use your laptop to charge your phone as well..Stereo speakers, large touch screen and great overall build quality of the device..

The not so good stuff:
• USB connection are still unstable and slow. Although working much better since the last firmware update, still not nearly good enough and a bit embarrassing for a flagship device to have this kind of problem..
• Camera software does a poor job on many occasions..There's no doubt that the N97 can take stunning pictures like i told you earlier, but too often the software seems to get in the way..Camera software is one of the ares where Nokia has always been good at improving quality with firmware updates, so there's definitely hope for the feature here..
• Free memory and performance is quite weak and sometimes big frustration comes up..I've usually encounter major hangs with this phone but until the last firmware update V12 solves all those issues..
• If you buy a white version model, beware that the keypad gets easily dirty..By only using 2 months, I've changed my keypad almost 4 times!!Luckily its free and its under warranty..

Overall, I definitely don't regret going for the N97, and there's no model available on the market that can beat its features and price..Still it's vital that Nokia gets the upcoming firmware of the highly anticipated version 20 which supports many features and solves many issues of the phone with previous firmwares..Firmware performance is very paramount as it determines the functionality, performance and the usability of the phone..I guess all smart phones act as the same way..A great firmware should compliment a great smart phone..Just hope that Nokia is improving its firmware stability overtime..So, what do you think?Should you get the Nokia N97 or not?Leave a comment and discuss them over here..Till next time..Adios.. :)


good info!
u buy, u share info..
so good guy..
can we share ur gf?
juz kidding biatch..


wartafrick ehsan..Noob so hai la u..
have gf very near but have to go back to johor..whats da point ehsan?
ahahah :P


Hum nice comparison
but i own both of it but i feel enjoy more on iphone.
Nah its depend on the person itself. Like me i like app gaming music and touch screen.
So the iphone more suit to me. N 97 nice but not my ideal phone to me


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