How Time Really Flies!

How time really flies..Yeah, in case one of you didn't realise, we are reaching the end of February and March is approaching quickly..In this case, it seems dat the mid semester break is already approaching us quick..Gosh! >_< How bout your FYP guys??For me, still get stuck with my preliminary report..Struggling doing research over this weekend about my implementation of Cloud Computing in UTP..Whatever you do guyz, 1 thing for sure, life is short, death is certain!Live your life to the max, keep moving forward, forget the past but take a lesson from it for the betterment of your future..Spend time a lot with your friends as its already your final year and you never know when you can get to hang around often with them when you already start working next January..Talking about the future, hmm I think I want to improve myself regarding fitness issue..Right now, I'm a sayur, struggling with my stamina issues which is not very good for a 22 year old guy like me!Something must be done..Any suggestions what can I do to improve my stamina and build my body muscle?Perhaps Mr Why can advice me on dis..Till next time....p/s: I want to look hot like Ronaldo!


hidup lagi ek ronaldo tu.wakakakaka

bodybuilding?make sure u know first what type of body u have..dah tau nanti senang laa

p/s : sori aku behave dlm blog ko ni.wakakakaa



wahahah, thanx for da comment..yeah dats why i need Mr Why's help.. :D Want to ask his opinion..


hurm..ronaldo..uiiiiwekkk..rase u cume wat shape sikit jer lagi badan u..tkyah ler mcm ronaldo


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